Eagle Edge

Including an exclusive Dabi Atlante’s technology and a new image processing algorithms, Dental CT Scanner AXR Eagle Edge is prepared for high patient fl ow and redefi nes innovation cutting edge, capturing images with greater precision and delivering the most accurate diagnosis, with a performance that will surprise the most experienced professionals.

Eagle Edge is designed to provide the best workflow experience to all dentists, and is designed to allow the user-friendly upgrade between its versions, offering more versatility and options. The Eagle Edge line brings all the knowledge acquired over the last 20 years, ensuring usability, hardware speed, calibration system, patient positioning, image quality and advanced image processing algorithms.

Eagle Edge is an Alliage brand of the AXR Dental Tomograph as registered by Anvisa 10101130088.

Software de Imagem Odontológica - Eagle Eye: Anvisa 10101130091

Eagle Edge technology

V-BEAM - Variable Cone-Beam

Exclusive Eagle’s Variable Cone Beam technology guarantees high definition in images with FOV of 5x5Ø, 6x9Ø and 9x9Ø as well as allowing the capture of larger images. Eagle Edge is the complete solution for 3D diagnostics, especially in applications of endodontics, implantology and orthodontics.



5x5 - Endo | 6x9 - Upper/Lower Jaw | 9x9 - Full Jaw | 9x16 - Extended Jaw | 15x16* - Skull | 21x16*: Skull

*Through vertical merger of multiple records.

85µm Ultra High Resolution

Eagle Edge has variable resolutions with Voxel Isotropic between 85 and 400 micrometers, including automatic adjustment in relation to the size and resolution of the volume.

Stability And Usability

Eagle Edge has new head positioners with 4 support points for better patient stability during exams. Simple use and easy positioning, these exclusive head positioners were designed to facilitate the clinical routine, making a faster clinic flow.

Movement In All 3 Axes

The state-of-the-art movement system includes three axes(two orthogonal directions and one rotating direction) allowing greater flexibility in radiographic profiling, optimization in the cutting plane thickness and constant vertical magnification.

Eagle Smart Contrast

Innovative algorithm that works in all image regions, treating and improving the contrast of each area individually. The result is a homogeneous and noise-free image, allowing for details visualization and, consequently, better diagnosis.


Dicom Send tool, included in Eagle software, allows the instant sending of the images generated by the equipment to image storage and sharing systems in physically different locations.

Reduction Of Metallic Artifacts

Eagle Edge offers image processing feature that can be chosen to correct deformations of gutta-percha, implants and/or large prostheses and metallic restorations, in addition to automatic metal reduction. This feature also allows image reprocessing for a better diagnosis without the need to generate new exposure.

Eagle Eye

During a panoramic radiography capture, hundreds of images are generated and combined into a final image. The Eagle Eye software features an innovative function (algorithm) that scans all processed images, seeking the best definition of focus in order to deliver a final image with great wealth of details and definition image, especially in the region of incisors, canine, TMJ and root conduits. Dental Imaging Software - Eagle Eye: Anvisa 10101130091.

Product Name Dental CT Scanner AXR
Model AXR 90 | AXR120
Tube Voltage 60 ~ 90kV | 60 ~ 120kV
Tube Current Between 3.2 to 16 mA
Nominal Focal Point 0,5 mm
Generator high frequency
Supply voltage 110/127/220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 1,7 kVA
FOV (height x diameter) 5x5 cm
6x9 cm
9x9 cm
9x16 cm  (optional)
15x16 cm* (optional)
21x16 cm (optional)
Programed doses time LD – 10s
STD – 15s
HD – 20s
UHD – 25s
Voxel Between 75 to 400 m
Voltage Emission / Current Emission 90kV - 3,2~12,5mA
120kV - 3,2~8mA *
Sensor technology CMOS/Amorphous Silicon
Reconstruction time Between 18s a 1m30s
ProfilesAP/PA, LL, Carpal, Oblique: from 4.1 to 16.5s
Fast mode: from 2.5 to 10s
Voltage Emission / Current Emission 60~70kV - 3,2~16,0mA
72,5~80kV - 3,2~14,0mA
82,5~90kV - 3,2~12,5mA
Sensor technology CMOS
Profiles Standard: 14s
TMJ: 10 s
TMJ PA: 10s
Fast Panoramic: 10s
Infant: 10s
Improved Orthogonality: 14s
Lateral section (left or right): 6s
Center Section: 3.5s
Bitewing: 7.6s
Maxillary Sinus: 8s
Emission Voltage / Emission Current 60~70kV - 3,2~16,0mA
72,5~80kV - 3,2~14,0mA
82,5~90kV - 3,2~12,5mA
Sensor technology CMOS
Eagle Product PAN | CEPH CBCT
Operational System Windows 7 64-bit Professional
Windows 10 64-bit Professional
Windows 7 64-bit Professional
Windows 10 64-bit Professional
CPU Intel i7 4.0 GHz or higher Intel i7 4.0 GHz or higher
HDD 1 TB or higher 1 TB or higher
RAM 16Gb 16Gb
PCI Express Slot PCI Express Slot PCI Express
Network card Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet
Grafi cs card - NVIDIA GTX 1060 6GB or higher
USB 2.0 One free USB port Two free USB ports
Pre-installation Manual
We have prepared this manual with a lot of care for our customers to prepare properly the place where the Eagle equipment will be installed. Any additional questions can be answered with our technical team.

Owner's Manual
To ensure the correct use, we recommend reading the owner's manual.