Eagle is built on an intelligent platform that allows upgrade between versions! Pan today, 3D tomorrow.

Eagle Edge Technology

3 in 1 system

Pan, Ceph and 3D, all in only one device.

Eagle V-Beam

Exclusive Eagle’s Variable Cone Beam technology guarantees high definition in images with FOV of 5x5Ø, 6x9Ø and 9x9Ø as well as allowing the capture of larger images. Eagle Edge is the complete solution for 3D diagnostics, especially in applications of endodontics, implantology and orthodontics.


5x5 - 6x9 – 9x9 - 9x16 – 15x16* - 21x16*.

75µm ultra high resolution

Eagle Edge has variable resolutions with Voxel Isotropic between 75 and 400 micrometers, including automatic adjustment in relation to the size and resolution of the volume.

Stability And Usability

Eagle Edge has new head positioners with 4 support points for better patient stability during exams. Simple use and easy positioning, these exclusive head positioners were designed to facilitate the clinical routine, making a faster clinic flow.

Movement In All 3 Axes

The state-of-the-art movement system includes three axes(two orthogonal directions and one rotating direction) allowing greater flexibility in radiographic profiling, optimization in the cutting plane thickness and constant vertical magnification.

Eagle Smart Contrast

Innovative algorithm that works in all image regions, treating and improving the contrast of each area individually. The result is a homogeneous and noise-free image, allowing for details visualization and, consequently, better diagnosis.

Reduction Of Metallic Artifacts

Eagle Edge offers image processing feature that can be chosen to correct deformations of gutta-percha, implants and/or large prostheses and metallic restorations, in addition to automatic metal reduction. This feature also allows image reprocessing for a better diagnosis without the need to generate new exposure.


Dicom Send tool, included in Eagle software, allows the instant sending of the images generated by the equipment to image storage and sharing systems in physically different locations.

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