Intraoral Sensor New IDA

The Evolution of your image

New IDA –– Size 1 (active area: 20x30 mm)

New IDA – Size 2 (active area: 26x36 mm)

The intraoral sensor New IDA offer efficient images for a shaper, accurate and security diagnosis.

New IDA connect you to the future, optimize your intraoral radiography workflow and manage your patients’ images efficiently.

Save time, save Money, do an accurate diagnosis, impress your patients and help the environment!

New IDA is compatible with the X Ray equipments available on the market. The software is friendly and can also be installed on as many computers as you like. Get out from the analogic, digitalize your clinic.

New IDA - Anvisa 10101139025

Advantages New IDA



The intraoral sensor New IDA is compatible with the X Ray equipment available on the market.

Save time

While the analogue system takes 5 minutes to generate images, New IDA takes only 5 seconds.

Save money

Stop wasting your money with films and chemicals. New IDA is the most cost-effective investment.

Environmentally Friendly

Stop discarding chemicals. Do your part, contributing to the environment.

Sharper images

Capture high-definition images in real time.With 25 line pairs per millimeter resolution and advanced image processing applications; you will generate sharper images for the best diagnosis.

Impress your patients

New IDA takes your clinic into the future. Your patients will be touched by its technology. Show your work to patients with a wealth of details, comparing before and after’ images.

Unlimited licenses

There is no license limits and you can install the New IDA Software in any computer. Salve your images in a network folder and access it from any computer.

Organized images

Register your patients, capture images, organize and report all your images in Just seconds. Using New IDA, you will be able to find access and share any image quickly.


New IDA offer a wide range of friendly tools like: rotation, zoom, brightness, contrast, positive/negative, color adjustment, relieve, text insertion fields, arrows, circles, cropping, selection, measurement, histogram adjustment, reports field, odontogram and full screen image diff tool.

Share images and reports

Save to more file formats, including TIFF, BITMAP, PNG, DICOM, JPEG. Create PDF reports. Quickly, share it with your colleges and patients by e-mail.

Easy cable replacement

New IDA use a easy replacement 2.0 USB cable (3 meters) in addition to a intern protective system.

Operating System
CPU Intel Core i5 3.0 GHz or higher
HDD 1TB or higher
Video -
USB Connector 2x USB 2.0
Monitor 1920 x 1080 - Full HD
Power Suply -

User Manual
See New IDA’s manual, take off your doubts and use New IDA correctly.